Brand and Corporate Identity System

It is your visual identity that determines how you are seen by others, If you want your company's brand to be a real expression of its character and values, you must be intentional about your identity system

Your brand must be a true expression of your company’s personality and culture. In every visual identity project, the first step is to discover the true nature of the organisation. Whether or not it is modern or traditional. Are you an established company or are you a disruptor? Is it formal or casual? Is it well understood or is it misunderstood by the audience?

In order to better understand our clients and their sector, we perform this study for every project we take on. We then look at their existing visual identity to see if it accurately portrays their genuine nature. When there’s a mismatch, it’s important to fix it. If the brand evolves, a rebranding initiative may be in order.

So we have to create a new brands identity from scratch, a well-defined visual identity to reflect a company’s evolution, and rebrand a company by creating brand assets from scratch.

As a result, the visual identity and the brand strategy are often combined in order to create a clear, coherent, and consistent brand narrative.

Digital Designs

Great design is defined by its ability to look nice, function well, and communicate vital information clearly. Every touchpoint with your brand should, in both appearance and feel, mirror your narrative


We enjoy taking the time to learn about you, your company, and your industry, putting ourselves in your shoes, and making strong recommendations based on solid reasoning.


Product development is as vital as its design, Implementation and communication of a marketing plan or corporate brand strategy are critical to its success. That’s why we perform best practices in our development processes

We are designed to be long-term partners for our clients, serving as an extension of their in-house team. We provide Support, Maintenance, and Improvement Services. Because the world is always evolving, if your products, services, and operations remain static, it is essentially moving backward.

We provide a flexible and transparent ongoing support agreement to assist you in maintaining, monitoring, and improving your products and services after it has been published. We have a specialized Account Management team that oversees, ensuring that your business goals and services continue to satisfy your objectives.

We provide several services as part of this arrangement, including keeping your products, services, and the software that powers your development and keeps them up to date, monitoring the speed of your website for example, and checking these products and services on a regular basis to ensure everything is in order. To continue with these improvements, your Account Managers can also work closely with our designers, developers, and marketers from DEFT Digital to deliver various digital marketing services such as SEO and Email Marketing.